I am primarily a landscape painter. It is in the beauty and the complexities of my natural environment that I find inspiration for most of my paintings; however, my academic and practical experience in architecture gives me an appreciation for and a fascination with the built environment and its partnership with the natural. As a result, many of my paintings will include buildings or other evidence of man's contribution to his environment. Throughout history man has created his "places" of shelter, worship, recreation, commerce, etc. within, and hopefully in harmony with, his natural environment. I find this combination of natural and man-made subjects replete with inspiration for paintings.

Although I often find a metaphoric message or a story to be told in a specific natural or man-made subject, my objective is more often to simply share a moment, a mood, or the beauty of a "place". It is my hope that the inspiration and the depth of feeling that motivated me to paint a particular subject will resonate with the viewer in a meaningful way.



Charles Harrington is a retired university professor. The diversity of his life and professional experience has given him a unique and perhaps unconventional perspective on the world of fine art. After earning two degrees in architecture from the University of Arkansas, he spent 15 years as a practicing architectural designer and illustrator. It was during this time that he realized his first love had always been fine art.

He then returned to academia, earning a Master of Architecture degree from Oklahoma State University. Upon graduating, Charles accepted a faculty position with the School of Art and Architecture at Louisiana Tech University, teaching architecture courses as well as drawing and water-media painting. Finally he was able to indulge in both of his passions -- fine art and architecture -- in the same venue. Charles taught for 23 years before leaving Louisiana Tech in 2003 to pursue fine art full time. He now devotes his time to painting, writing, and conducting painting workshops.

Charles is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, The International Society of Acrylic Painters, The National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and The National Society of Painters in Casein & Acrylics (recipient of both Gold and Silver medals). In addition to these venues, his work has been shown in numerous other national and regional exhibitions.

Publications include American Artist Magazine, American Artist's Workshop Magazine, American Artist's Watercolor Magazine, American Artist's Highlights, Watercolor Magic Magazine, Artist Magazines, and The Complete Painter's Handbook (an American Artist publication released in April 2012).

His first book, Acrylics: The Watercolor Alternative, was published by North Light Books. Although currently out of print, copies may be purchased through

Two DVD Workshops are currently being marketed by Creative Catalyst Productions.

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