by Charles Harrington

In this DVD Workshop produced and marketed by
Creative Catalyst Production, Charles draws on the best features of both acrylic and watercolor to achieves the subtle color shifts and luminous transparency of watercolor while attaining the durability of acrylic. He also introduces tools and techniques perfected over years as an architectural illustrator.

At home in the Ozarks, Charles introduces his portable plein air kit and paints a study that will serve as his reference in the studio. Back indoors, Charles works in the watercolorist’s style. He uses light preliminary washes and thin layers of pigment, allowing him to vary colors at every stage. Charles modifies his larger painting from his original plein air reference to achieve stronger design and value balance.

Charles also harnesses acrylics’ unique ability to layer opaque, translucent and transparent passages harmoniously. He mixes sparingly on his palette and heavily on the paper to create complicated blends and avoid flat, dull grays. He uses a spray bottle, splattering and active brushwork to break up large shapes and create lifelike texture.

To find an alternative to watercolor or capitalize on the unique advantages of acrylics, join Charles Harrington in Acrylic Landscapes the Watercolor Way.

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by Charles Harrington

This video workshop includes two demonstration paintings illustrating the positive attributes of acrylics as a viable and attractive alternative to watercolor.
was filmed and published by Teaching Art Ltd., Newark Notts, UK as a companion to the North Light book, ACRYLICS: THE WATERCOLOR ALTERNATIVE; however, it is currently marketed as a stand-alone video workshop.

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by Charles Harrington


At the heart of this book, 10 step-by-step painting demonstrations and 9 techniques demonstrations invite you to explore a wide variety of subject matter, from the earthy colors of mesas to the glass-like quality of onyx figurines. These exercises lead you through a wonderful assortment of textures, moods and levels of difficulty. They will show you how to combine transparent washes and opaque accents to retain the wonderful aesthetic of transparent watercolor while gaining the many technical advantages of acrylics.

You’ll also experience the versatility of acrylics by painting on a number of different supports including watercolor paper, canvas and gesso-primed panels. Acrylic painters who love watercolor's effects and watercolorists who want more flexibility need this book!


This book is published by North Light Books and is currently out of print; however, it is available at and other Internet venues.


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